Mold Inspections

At AAA Complete Home Inspections, L.L.C. we are Certified Mold Inspectors (CMI) as members of The International Association of Indoor Air Consultants (IAC2). We follow the IAC2 Mold Inspection Standards of Practice (SOP) to perform a complete mold investigation of your entire home or specific rooms or areas of concern. We utilize the latest, most sophisticated sampling equipment and techniques to obtain culturable, non-culturable, surface, and bulk samples depending on the visual inspection and the extent of the mold problem with your specific property to ensure the seriousness of your mold problem is understood. At a minimum we will take at least one indoor air sample and 2 outdoor air samples, as well as swab sampling, tape lift sampling, and bulk sampling if we deem it necessary to do so. Depending on time constraints and budgetary concerns we will be able to give accurate counts of viable (living) spores and non-viable (dead) spores, both of which can cause health concerns but require different methods of sampling. We typically perform non-culturable sampling as this is the best overall strategy for sampling. We can also perform carpet sampling of affected areas. We have partnered with Pro-Lab, the leading commercial indoor air quality (IAQ) testing laboratory in North America, we will send our samples to them to be analyzed and provide full chain of custody documents to our clients along with a written report of our findings usually within 48 hours. Click the link below to see the IAC2 Mold Inspection SOP.

Certified Mold Inspector

Lead Based Paint & Asbestos

If your home was built prior to 1978 you may have dangerous lead based paint surfaces on the interior or the exterior of your home. At AAA Complete Home Inspections, L.L.C. we are certified to pull samples of the surfaces and also pull soil samples for exterior surfaces. We provide full chain of custody documents to our clients and provide reports within 72 hours of the sample. We also can test suspected friable and nonfriable asbestos materials for dangerous asbestos levels.